Ayurveda is UPCHAR for a healthy life

If you look back last 12 months you will notice that the acceptance of Ayurveda has increased many folds and this a major worry for Pharma Lobby

From Hydroxychloroquine to Remdesivir, the Allopathic was just busy in hit and trial method whereas if you see Ayurveda from day one Haldi, ajwain, rock salt, steam and Kada are doing great

Even the homeopathy had shown wonders in few drops

The icing on the cake was Indian covaxin, which today by far is the best vaccine for KOVID

So naturally, if you hit a Trillion-dollar Industry, the reaction will be strong

I am personally not against any medical system all have a role to play but at the same time must say that

Allopathic is nothing more than drug management based on a long list of medical test and not UPCHAR उपचार


Ayurveda is UPCHAR उपचार for a healthy life

So for a good healthy life, the best thing is to follow Ayurveda as a lifestyle and if u get sick try Homeopathy, Allopathic should be the last resort or emergency

— Gaurav Pradhan
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